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Your Guide Today is Isaiah Thomas.

Day 3: Boston - Braintree, Quincy - Lexington - Concord, MA, Fort Ticonderoga, NY  

After breakfast Sam Adams takes us to the Adams National Historical Park which contains the early homes of John Adams and John Quincy Adams as well as President Adams's Peacefield which was used as a summertime White House. Following in the debating spirit of John Adams, we will role play the debate for independence in the 2nd Continental Congress. With Sam Adams by our side, I am sure we will again decide on independence. The afternoon brings us to Lexington and Concord where the shot heard around the world were fired by or at the citizen soldiers called the Minute Men. We will tour Buckman Tavern and recreate the rebels stand on Lexington Green with some time to enjoy lunch in the quant New England town. A driving and walking tour through battle road retells the story of that fateful day. We also enjoy the fantastic multimedia theatre program "A Road to Revolution".   In the afternoon we  will visit the Old North Bridge were Minute Men stood up to the world empire alone.  We will follow part of the route that Dr. William Prescott and Paul Revere rode when they warned of the British Regulars march into the countryside in search of Patriot Leaders and supplies.  We continue our way north towards Fort Ticonderoga, NY and dine at the Homestead Inn in Bristol NH, a tavern once owned by a Revolutionary War soldier, Benjamin Emmons. Overnight accommodation. (B,D)  


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